SAB Report

The SAB is looking forward to an exciting meeting in which the future of anesthesiology research is a central topic of debate and discussion. The centerpiece event will be a session entitled "Building and Sustaining Anesthesiology Research". This interactive, moderated session will stimulate discussion through presentations of how three different successful research programs have been developed in diverse settings. Our hope is to share ideas and knowledge surrounding the common goal of continuing and growing scientific discovery in our field, even as we face a changing landscape in healthcare. The other principal activity in this year's meeting will be the second iteration of the Mock Study Section that was introduced for the first time last year. Junior faculty will have the opportunity to participate as reviewers in one of two study sections to review an R-series and a K-series grant, respectively. The study sections will be led by an experienced chair and each individual participant will receive coaching from a mentor who has served on numerous relevant study sections. The goal is to familiarize faculty who are early in their research careers with the mechanisms and criteria by which grants are judged and ultimately funded. The SAB also will host a get-together for current T32 directors as an open forum to discuss current and future needs for this key element of the research infrastructure in many larger departments. Finally, the SAB will oversee scientific abstract presentations, and based on the submissions will present an array of awards to individuals from the resident to junior faculty level for excellence in research.


C. David Mintz, MD, PhD
Chair, Scientific Advisory Board
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Baltimore, Maryland