AUA Member Nominations

Nominations are now open and will close on Monday, April 15, 2024.

Please review the AUA New Member Nomination Checklist and Guidelines for more information on the nomination process. The new checklists are examples to help members review their application to ensure that their accomplishments are consistent with that of a successful application (depending on the membership level). One of these examples alone may not suffice for election to membership and not all of these are required.

Please do not email nomination letters or CVs. We are no longer accepting nominations via email to ensure that we are accurately capturing all nominations.

Steps to nominate a colleague for AUA membership:

  1. Review the AUA New Member Nomination Checklist and Guidelines prior to submitting a nomination.
  2. Write nomination letter and obtain nominee CV.
  3. If nominating an Associate Member, obtain Current Research Funding information.
  4. Complete the AUA Nominations Form with the nominee’s information and upload nomination letter and nominee CV.