Education Advisory Board Awards

The award application is now closed.

The Association of University Anesthesiologists (AUA) is delighted to present two awards, the Education Research Award and the Education Innovation Award managed by the Education Advisory Board (EAB). Any member of the AUA can submit the name of individuals for consideration for these awards. Members are also encouraged to self-nominate.

Awards will be presented during the 2024 AUA Annual Meeting in St. Louis!

Education Advisory Board (EAB) Awards Include:

AUA EAB Education Research Award ImageEducation Research Award

The EAB Education Research Award is to acknowledge outstanding achievement and success in education research by an anesthesiologist. Its purpose is to publicize, motivate, encourage, and suggest models for original education research at its best. Nominations are invited from AUA members and should include the PubMed IDs of the relevant educational research that has been published in the previous three years. The letter of nomination should also describe how the research contribution has advanced the field of medical education.

AUA EAB Education Innovation Award ImageEducation Innovation Award
The EAB Education Innovation Award celebrates and recognizes new and innovative developments in medical education. Impacts may include a policy or programmatic change, a revelation of a pedagogic tool or methodology, increased awareness of an issue, implications for research by other contributors, or a change in thinking among anesthesiology education professionals. Nominations are invited from AUA members and should describe the nominee’s contributions and how the innovation contributes to medical education.

General guidelines include:

  • Current members of the AUA council shall not be eligible for selection.
  • Eligible nominees are members of the AUA and are in good standing.
  • Initial nominations are reviewed by the corresponding advisory board. Recommendations are then submitted to the AUA council and AUA president. Final selection is made by the AUA council.
  • Documents needed:
    • Application (unified application for all nominees): demographics, professional information, contributions that merit the award, narrative justification of why the candidate should be considered for the award.
    • Nomination Letter or Letter of Support.
    • Nominee’s CV.

Past Recipients

Education Innovation Award


Matthew McEvoyMatthew McEvoy, MD
Vanderbilt University Medical Center


Jed T. Wolpaw, MD, MEd
Residency Program Director
Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Education Research Award


John D. Mitchell, MD
Vice Chair for Education, Director Center for Education Research, Technology and Innovation (CERTAIN)
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center