AUA Speaker Exchange

The AUA is launching a remote speaker exchange. The exchange will provide a platform to match highly accessible speaking engagements with qualified and interested speakers in order to promote interpersonal networking, scientific collaboration, and academic advancement in academic anesthesiology. While open to all, it is designed specifically to focus on junior faculty speakers and smaller, more intimate host venues such as divisional conferences and research seminars. All engagements will be performed remotely to limit barriers associated with travel. In addition to the speaking engagement, host venues will also facilitate one on one meetings between the speaker and host venue faculty with related interests. This program is designed to reflect the AUA principles of diversity and inclusion with respect to speakers and care will be taken to be inclusive of hosts and speakers from small and medium size academic programs. It is open to all individuals who are engaged in the pursuit of discovery in all fields related to anesthesiology, critical care, and pain medicine. The AUA has assembled a Speaker Exchange board to provide oversight for the exchange and to allow for helpful feedback between the involved parties to ensure a high quality experience for both speakers and host venues.

Benefits for Speakers

  • Gain national and international recognition for your work
  • No need to ask for time for travel
  • Introductions to scientists in your field who may become your collaborators or mentors
  • Receive helpful feedback about both the content and presentation of your lecture

If you are interested in participating as a speaker, please provide information at the following link

Benefits for Host Venues

  • A broader and more diverse speaker pool than is available to most smaller venues.
  • No budget for travel or stipend required.
  • The more host venues are provided by a department, the more opportunities will be opened to department members.

If you are the organizer for a host venue, please provide information at the following link