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The Leaky Pipeline: How Are We Addressing This Problem?
by Odmara L. Barreto Chang, MD, PhD and Niti Pawar, BA

Despite the strides anesthesia has made to improve racial equity and strengthen the pipeline, diversity continues to be challenging.1,2 In 2020, <15% of anesthesia residents were URiM.3,4 A study from 2023 illustrated that Black and Latinx anesthesiologists lacked representation at each level of the pipeline: medical students (8.1%, 6.8%), anesthesia residents (5.0%, 4.6%), assistant professors (5.1%, 2.9%), associate professors (4.1%, 3.3%), and professors (2.4%, 1.5%).5 It is critical, now more than ever, to address barriers with increased support and intentional action starting from K-12 school, to significantly improve physician representation upstream.

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