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Fall 2017

President’s Column: AUA Strategic Planning Update

During the October 2017 AUA Council Meeting, Council President, Dr . Jeanine Wiener-Kronish reported on the successful alignment of the AUA and International Anesthesia Research society (IARs) meetings. Dr. Weiner-Kronish reported that the attendance was very high for both meetings and the presentations were exceptional. Records indicate that in 2017, 135 attendees of the AUA Annual Meeting also attended the IARs Annual Meeting. In 2016, 136 attendees attended both the AUA and IARs Annual Meetings. In 2015, 44 attendees went to both the AUA and IARs Annual Meetings. The alignment of the AUA and IARs meetings is an important strategy to increase the participation of AUA members in Association activities and increase opportunities for early-stage academic anesthesiologists to advance their careers and receive exposure to AUA and its activities .

Other topics in this newsletter include:

  • President’s Column
  • A Tale of Many Cities: Hurricanes Katrina, Harvey and Irma
  • From AUA, esAs, FAeR, IARs and soCCA: An Exciting Collaborative Research Initiative for Anesthesiology Clinical and translational science: A Call for Letters of Intent
  • SAB Report: Can Anesthesiologists optimize Brain Waste Removal?
  • EAB Report: Point of Care/Perioperative Ultrasound training – Evidence of Outcome or Common Sense?
  • Rhe Renin Angiotensis System and the Brain: New Developments
  • Why Did They Do that? The FDA and the Evolution of Drug Regulation in the U.S.
  • DACA Health Professionals’ Letter Urging Congressional Action
  • In Memoriam
  • AUA Officers, Councilors-at-Large, Advisory Boards, Committees and Representatives
  • AUA Communications and Website Committee