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Summer 2017

President’s Panel:Hypoxia is Not Always Bad for You?

It was quite befitting to honor the AUA focus member, Warren Zapol, MD, PhD, Harvard University,
Massachusetts General Hospital, with a Panel on Hypoxia. The AUA editor (LWF) has taken the liberty to choose three invited experts to provide their commentary on the President’s Panel, moderated by AUA President, Jeanine P. Wiener-Kronish, MD, PhD.

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  • Retired Member Category Reinstated
  • Scholars’ Program summary from Annual Meeting 2017
  • AUA Host Program
  • EAB Report: summary from Annual Meeting 2017
  • SAB Report of AUA Annual Meeting 2017
  • Joint AUA-IARS symposium 2017: Recognizing the “Painful” truths of the opioid Abuse epidemic
  • AUA 64th Annual Meeting in Pictures
  • Save the Date! April 26-27, 2018, AUA 65th Annual Meeting
  • AUA Call for Member nominations
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