Call for EAB Member Nominations

Deadline for Nominations is Monday, July 30.

The Educational Advisory Board (EAB) is looking for four (4) new members to join its Committee, which is composed of 11 members plus the Chair.

The EAB is responsible for planning the educational program for the AUA Annual Meeting and providing content to the AUA Update. Members contribute to this process by advising on topics for the Annual Meeting and the

The EAB meets in person each year at the Annual Meeting and throughout the year via conference call. Members of the EAB serve a three-year term. Those who have served on the EAB in the past and who remain interested are eligible for another 3-year term.

If you’re interested in volunteering with the AUA by serving on the EAB, send a Letter of Intent and CV to Vivian Abalama at [email protected] by Monday, July 30. All applicants will be notified by Wednesday, August 15.