Call for AUA Member Nominations

The AUA call for member nominations is now open. We have a new online nomination form and nominations are only accepted online.* Please submit candidates by April 15.

Steps to nominate a member using the online form:

  1. Review the AUA Nominations Guidelines prior to submitting a nomination.
  2. Write nomination letter and obtain nominee CV.
  3. If nominating an Associate Member, obtain Current Research Funding information.
  4. Complete the AUA Nominations Form and upload nomination letter and nominee CV.

*To ensure we capture accurate information, we are no longer accepting nominations via email

Qualifications for Membership

Active Membership:

  • An individual who occupies and has occupied a faculty position in anesthesiology in a medical school or its affiliated teaching hospital for at least twenty-four months, following completion of residency training in anesthesiology; or
  • An individual whose work as an anesthesiologist, teacher, or investigator has demonstrated success in academic anesthesia or an individual who has shown a continued productive interest in and contribution to academic anesthesia.

Affiliate Membership:

  • An individual who has made distinguished contributions to academic anesthesiology but does not have a primary faculty appointment.

Associate Membership:

  • An individual who holds a faculty position in anesthesiology in a medical school or its affiliate teaching hospital and who has been approved for funding for a K or R-Type Grant from NIH, FAER, AHA, APSF, IARS, or non-U.S. equivalents.
  • Must be nominated by a department chair.

International nominees are welcome for all three membership types.

To learn more about the nomination requirements, please see the AUA Member Nominations Guidelines.

For questions or concerns, email Vivian Abalama, CAE at [email protected].