EAB Annual Report

AUA Members (N = 16, 62% women, 15% URiM)

  • Prior Members (terms will end 2021):
    • Christine Park, MD
    • Mark Stafford-Smith, MD
    • Manny Vallejo, MD
  • New members as of August 19, 2018 (Terms end 2021 + 1 = 2022):
    • Barbara G Jericho, MD
    • Cynthia A Lien, MD
    • Susan Marie Martinelli, MD
    • Edward C Nemergut, MD
    • Lara Crock, MD, PhD (eSAS representative)
  • New members as of September 9, 2019 (Terms end 2022 + 1 = 2023):
    • Amanda Burden, MD
    • Daniel Saddawi-Konefka, MD, MBA
    • Dawn Dillman, MD
    • Jeff Berger, MD, MBA
  • New members as of March 16, 2020 (Terms end 2023 + 1 = 2024):
    • Arna Banerjee, MD
    • David Wlody, MD
    • Kenneth Shelton, MD
    • Teresa Mulaikal, MD

    Planned 2022 Annual Meeting Panels (60 minutes each) (March 17-18, 2022).

    1. Failing to Learn – The evidence
      1. Using Failure to Learn Better
        by Sasha Shillcut
      2. Creating a Culture to Make the Most from Failure
        by Rebecca Minehart
      3. Discussion
    1. Teaching Adults – The evidence
      1. CME: What is the Evidence that it Works
        by John Mitchell
      2. Adult Learners – What Works According to the Evidence
        by Matt McEvoy
      3. Discussion

    Planned Newsletter Articles:

    1. Pass-Fail USLME Results and the Impact on Choosing Residency Applicants
      by Jed Wolpaw
    2. Virtual Interviews – Pros, Cons, and Tips
      by Yvonne Lai
    3. Outcomes in Education Research
      By Ed Nemergut

    Planned Webinars:

    1. Self-Assessment – Accuracy, Impact and Ways to Improve it
      by Cathleen Peterson-Layne
    2. Using Cognitive Load Theory to Design Better Presentations
      by Susie Martinelli and a collaborator

    Call for EAB Awards is anticipated this fall (fall of 2021):

    • Education Research Award
      • The EAB Education Research Award is to acknowledge outstanding achievement and success in education research by an anesthesiologist.
    • Education Innovation Award
      • The EAB Education Innovation Award celebrates and recognizes new and innovative developments in medical education.

    EAB Planning Meeting:

    • The EAB plans to assemble during the Annual Meeting in Hawaii to plan upcoming events.


    • Due to the pandemic, there was no call for new members in spring/summer of 2020. All members had their terms extended by one year. Prior members will rotate off the EAB in September of 2021 leaving us with 13 members.
    • A call for 4 members + 1 eSAS representative will be issued in the fall of 2021 so that they can be welcomed for a winter/spring 2022 start.
    • The New President of the AUA, Dr. George Mashour will choose a new Chair for the EAB. The new Chair of the EAB will take on the role during the planning meeting at the Annual Meeting so that they can be instrumental in planning all events after the Annual Meeting.


    Keith Baker, MD, PhD
    Chair, Educational Advisory Board
    Massachusetts General Hospital
    Boston, Massachusetts